Disease Monitoring through the Eye

Handheld Devices

Occuity are in the process of researching and developing novel handheld devices to monitor disease progression through subtle changes within the eye.  Occuity has developed novel confocal scanning technology, protected by 9 international patents to allow for the measurement of a suite of parameters through the eye that can be used for accurate measurement of both the physiological and chemical changes that are associated with disease progression. 

Personal Optical Diabetes Monitor

Instead of relying on finger prick blood tests to provide blood glucose readings, Occuity are in the process of developing a non contact handheld optical device to determine the blood glucose level by measuring subtle changes within the anterior chamber of the eye.  There are numerous medical papers that support the direct correlation of changes within the anterior chamber with fluctuations in blood glucose.  The glucose monitor under development by Occuity builds on this correlation.

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